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Community Power Corporation (CPC), established in 1995, is a wholly owned subsidiary of SynTech Bioenergy LLC and is the world's leading developer and supplier of small, modular biomass gasification systems. The BioMax®100 Gen2, a 21st century, fully automated modular gasification systems currently come in a 145 kWe (net) power block.  A BioMax® system offers new options for lowering a facility’s cost and reducing its carbon footprint by converting a variety of onsite biomass waste streams to onsite clean and green power, heat and cooling. The BioMax® is NOT an incinerator.  BioMax® systems use an advanced, proprietary and patented downdraft gasification technology to convert onsite or nearby biomass waste streams and/or residues to usable energy.  Feedstocks include wood chips, nut shells and energy crops. Unlike most renewable energy systems, the BioMax® is able to operate 24x7, unattended, providing a highly reliable, reasonably priced energy for its customers. It does not require the sun to shine or the wind to blow. The BioMax®100 power block can be combined into larger systems providing additional flexibility for energy users. Commercial enterprises, agricultural processors, government facilities and research institutions are currently using the BioMax® systems.

CPC is also in the process of developing a modular gas-to-liquid Fischer Tropsch product called the LiquiMax®. The LiquiMax® will enable producer gas or flare gas to be converted into liquid product such as wax, diesel or jet fuel.

CPC’s was the first company world-wide to:

  • Deploy automated, modular biopower systems capable of operating unattended in Energy Services Company (ESCO) applications.
  • Manufactures complete, turn key modular biopower systems in standard ISO containers.
  • Develop on-site energy independence solutions that can produce power, heat and cooling.
  • Develop a prototype modular gas-to-liquid syndiesel plant.


SynTech Bioenergy LLC

SynTech Bioenergy, LLC acquired Community Power Corporation in August 2015. SynTech is an integrated energy, environmental, waste elimination and economic solutions provider. SynTech’s Sustainable Clean Energy philosophy represents an evolutionary new paradigm in the pathway to an economically and environmentally secure energy future. CPC is now a wholly owned subsidiary of SynTech.

Community Power Corporation

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