The first BioMax® System has been delivered to a Canadian customer, Manitoba Hydro, a Provincial Crown Corporation. Manitoba Hydro provides electric energy and natural gas to customers throughout Manitoba, Canada.

The company is currently exploring five different technology pathways for converting biomass into useful energy-pyrolysis oil, waste heat recovery, syngas, biogas and biocarbon. The company selected the BioMax® 100 as its preferred technology for the syngas exploration.

The BioMax® System has been installed at Pineland Forest Nursery in Hadahville, Manitoba, and will provide combined heat and power to the nursery as part of the demonstration. The feedstock is woodchips.

In the September 1,2012 CIPEC Newsletter, Deny St. George, Senior Biosystems Engineer stated, “It’s the first in Canada” when referring to the BioMax® System. He added that the CPC gasification technology moves biomass up the value chain by producing electricity.”

The system installation, start up and commissioning is complete. The commercial operation is to begin in November.

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